The Best Cam

The Best Cam

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*Update, we now have "Import" versions of the best cam as we tried to do before covid, now the proverbial boat has come in, and I can offer both. Please make sure you choose the correct Domestic or Import cam for your purchase

Shipping Note: these cams are drop shipped for me, so they can take 3 days before tracking info gets to me, usually they are already on their way by the time I drop the tracking info in, I really appreciate the support, I’m not a huge facility so I can’t get things out as fast as larger companies, thanks for understanding.

It's Finally here, for 2022 release we present the sloppy mechanics camshaft, a long running joke, and sometimes not, is when people ask me "what is the best cam" so with here it is, Named "The Best Cam" by Richard Holdener *envision him doing air quotes* this replaces the sloppy stage two as the all around best performer camshaft for all motor, nitrous, turbo, blower.

I loved the SS2 but its been getting harder to get ahold of, and there is room for improvement on it, Also the price, I worked with some of the best people in the business to create this and bring a cheap effective cam to the slops, without having to roll the dice with "china cams" etc. This cam is modeled to be the sloppy stage 2 without the shortcomings and better power upstairs

The domestic version is an American made and shipped camshaft.

The import is obviously made overseas but they are all quality and hardness checked.

* Dyno Plot shows Gains on a 5.3 60e pickup truck tuned before and after camshaft install

EPA and Legality warnings -

Sold As Is

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Off-road Use Only

Use at your own risk


Gen3 and Gen4 LS camshaft with 3 bolt face

Base Cam Profile Numbers:

219 / 225 110.5LSA .595lift @50

Cam Timing @ .050 for Injection timing / phasing

Intake - BTDC .5 / ABDC 38.5 / Centerline 109 ATDC = Duration 219

Exhaust - BBDC 44.5 / ATDC .5 / Centerline 112 BTDC = Duration 225