PNP Coil Harness to 4 Wire Alternator Exciter

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A lot of stand alone systems have no provisioning for *exciting* or telling the stock 4 pin alternator (found on MOST truck setups popular for swapping) including Holley, Megasquirt, Haltec etc... if you do not want the Holley plug and play harness i sell or have a different ECU, or just want this instead this will do the job, high quality OEM crimps, tough small wire loom and heat shrink, labels and more.

it plugs into the coil pack connector inline to steal power, (wich does not impact performance, it has been tested on many vehicles) already has inline resistor and approximately 2ft of wire will reach standard alt locations easily.

so when the car is keyed on and running it will also tell the alternator to charge in the Mid 14v range.

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