Holley Can IO Box Pre-terminated PNP Harness

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*pre order running 2-20-24 till 3-5-24
** going to gauge interest and price to see if it is worth carrying, we would like to gauge the interest up front as to how many units we will make in bulk etc, please allow 3wks for delivery of first orders, i decided to lower the pre order amount by 25 dollars down to 175 to encourage you early adopters.


This harness is a plug and play, pre-terminated Holley CAN IO module harness.

You take the Holley Can IO module (Link To Holley Website)
and this harness, plug in your sensors and go.

3x 3pin PSI input type plugs 2x6ft 1x8ft
2x liquid sensor / gm coolant temp plugs 1x6ft and 1x8ft
2x air temp / GM IAT plug ends 1x6ft and 1x8ft
can bus male and female plug

the module and my harness together are cheaper than the holley flying lead with their box, that was my goal ideally.

lmk what you guys think, i figured this would make expanding inputs extremely easy for you guys who wanna get into it.

I also pre-setup a CANIO according to the harness inputs already labeled and ready to go in this downloadable holley IO config (preconfigured IO Config)