4in1 Holley PNP (Alt/Flex/Dial/Boost)

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4 in 1 Holley PNP ( Alternator / Flex Fuel / Dial / Boost Solenoid )

Easily add alternator control, flex fuel sensor, dial input and a boost solenoid output, plug and play ready to rock, dial and solenoid included!

Again these Holley PNPs harnesses, you will need to have a newer Holley harness with the power tap connector so this can plug in, from there each one gets plugged into the respective device or sensor and with some programming (yes i have files that are pre-programmed easy to copy over) setup in Holley it can all work out as easy as you hoped.

here is a really nice video overview of the harness itself


also if you were looking for some use case scenarios, ideas and how to setup the dial do  things, here is a nice overview for that with ideas and how to.