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*****these cams are drop shipped for me, so they can take 3 days before tracking info gets to me, usually they are already on their way by the time I drop the tracking info in, I really appreciate the support, I’m not a huge facility so I can’t get things out as fast as larger companies, thanks for understanding ******* 

 *there will be another version added soon, a tested and quality checked Import version for people that want to save the money*

It's Finally here, for 2022 release we present the sloppy mechanics camshaft, a long running joke, and sometimes not, is when people ask me "what is the best cam" so with here it is, Named "The Best Cam" by Richard Holdener *envision him doing air quotes* this replaces the sloppy stage two as the all around best performer camshaft for all motor, nitrous, turbo, blower.

I loved the SS2 but its been getting harder to get ahold of, and there is room for improvement on it, Also the price, I worked with some of the best people in the business to create this and bring a cheap effective cam to the slops, without having to roll the dice with "china cams" etc. This cam is modeled to be the sloppy stage 2 without the shortcomings and better power upstairs

This is an American made and shipped camshaft.


EPA and Legality warnings -

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Off-road Use Only

Use at your own risk


Gen3 and Gen4 LS camshaft with 3 bolt face

Base Cam Profile Numbers:

219 / 225 110.5LSA .595lift @50

Cam Timing @ .050 for Injection timing / phasing

Intake - BTDC .5 / ABDC 38.5 / Centerline 109 ATDC = Duration 219

Exhaust - BBDC 44.5 / ATDC .5 / Centerline 112 BTDC = Duration 225