PNP Add a sensor harness - TPS Style

PNP Add a sensor harness - TPS Style

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Introducing sloppy mechanics PNP sensor add in harness with tps / pressure sensor style connector... so you wanna add a sensor, or 2-3-4 on your car, and wiring them is a hassle, and not clean, not easy, and not modular, you have a nearby oil pressure, tps, or fuel pressure tap, and you want to add 1-2 or more.

you can purchase this harness, and patch into any of the TPS style plugs on your harness, if its from holley, fuel tech, megasquirt, or stock ecu's. then using the single or double patch in harness, you can plug in a sensor or two, approx 50~inches from source of your choice and then have 6ft+ leads back to inputs to make easy sensor swaps, additions and expansions, that are not applications specific, without cutting, splicing, or permanently modifying your harness, making expansion, and lateral moves on sensor data extremely easy while not limiting yourself to specific brand names or harness types.

Proudly made 100% in the USA highest quality and easy to use


50~ inches of lead add harness loomed and labeled from connection/split point

6ft~ of signal wire to go back into input for ECU

Comes in single add in or double sensor add in
*has to be plugged into pressure sensor harness (fuel/oil) for additional sensors to work, TPS meaning TPS style plug*


Youtube Video link showing product and how to use