PNP Dial-A-Boost

PNP Dial-A-Boost

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this is a plug and play, Holley power tap pass through harness 

meaning if you have something connected already IE one of my plug and play alt, flex, combo harnesses, this will plug inline and keep all of it.

it gives you a physical dial attached to the harness that gets wired as an input.
you can use this dial to change the HP/Boost of the car, turbo or otherwise, by controlling target boost, timing, and modifying many many other tables.

most often used for controlling boost amount.

I'm working on a YouTube video and downloadable tune file that will have all the examples in it of ways you can use it.

there will be two kinds, the smooth dial and the AEM clicker dial.


YouTube video explaining what it is and how it connects physically

Youtube video for use case scenario and how to's