4 in 1 Holley PNP ( Alt / Flex / Dial / Solenoid )

4 in 1 Holley PNP ( Alt / Flex / Dial / Solenoid )

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I have kicked this one around a lot and people seem ready for it.

This product if you use every device takes up 2 inputs and 1 output.

yes this has everything, including Dial, and Solenoid with DTM connectors. All included.

So the power tap is at the bottom this plugs right into the Holley power tap part of the engine harness, then there is 3 pins already crimped if you want to do a clean install to the IO harness, or you can snip them off. the other roughly 6ft end is where everything gets plugged into their labeled Flex/Boost/Alt/Dial.


***the Dual Solenoid 4-1 with ECU master dial, is a pre order, ill buy the rest of the parts when I get the order up front***